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2000+ Trained in Indian Army
1600+ Trained corporate employees in India
700+ Trained globally via e-learning
25+ Years of experience in Army


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Know who I am

Unlock Minds: Unlock Potential: Unlock Business

I have had the honour to serve the Indian army for 26 years, of which 8 were spent as instructor in top leadership academies and remaining 18 in leading officers and men. That makes me a leadership trainer who has ‘been there, done that’. I genuinely know the theory of leadership as also its practice.

Thereafter, from 2000 till now, I’ve spent time in top corporate jobs in Learning & Development and then as a consultant trainer on matters of leadership, innovation and instructional design.

Besides my exposure to leadership and management in jobs, I’ve trained thousands of learners at different levels and industry domains. Some representative companies are Accenture, L&T Infotech, MTNL, TCS etc..

I am also the author of Leadership for Colonels and Business Managers: Jump-Start Your Team and Yourself

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What do you need


Leaders lead as also manage. Empower them with How-to techniques for both tasks- conceptual as well as daily leadership. I am the author of book- Leadership for Colonels and Business Managers.

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Creativity & Innovation

Creativity is the million dollar idea in mind while innovation is the million dollars in bank. Get both.

Creativity creates opportunities and multiple options; Innovation picks the one most suitable and implements it for profit.

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A path-breaking discipline which will help you improve, solve problems as also invent and innovate. Anything - technical products, processes, managerial issues. TRIZ works for everything happeneing in an organisation- leadership, training, sales, OD, Operations.

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Individual Life Coaching

Distinct from business coaching, individual life coaching empowers all to live their daily lives more productively. It empowers people with skills of problem solving in life, creativity, time management and happiness etc. Besides personal coaching, some self paced e-learning courses, including two on Written English, are also available.

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Business Coach Services

Would you like me to be your personalized business coach? Look around the world of athletics and sports and you'll find that it is actually top performers who use coaches and not street players. Where ever you be in the world and whatever your need be, I'll choose the right medium to connect with you and provide you sane advice and support in the most professional way.

I agree that I am distanced from your job. That is my strength, not weakness. You are in the box, I am out of it. Also, I am an excellent thinker. My ability to find solutions to diverse issues or opportunities in a loosely defined space, is unparalleled. Try it.

Use my services for a specific one-time issue or on a more sustained basis. With modern communication technology, distance is no longer an issue.

Our Ready to Use eLearning Courses

Need immediate access to some specific skill? Away at some distance? Prefer to learn at your own pace?

Take up the desired course on Soluto - our own virtual learning portal. You'll find some  highly interactive, self administered, e-learning packages hosted on a modern Learning Management System. Pay online and start using immediately. Some free samplers too. Anytime, anywhere, any-device learning. A great mix of multi-media tutorials, exercises, quizzes and other resources.

We use a proven pedagogy of adult learning that values discovery learning, deep interactivity and instant feedback. The learner chooses his own learning path.

If required, I can prepare such lovely courses specially for you.

What do I offer that others don't

In Training

• Matching needs to solutions – I am the perfect diagnostician who will find out the exact need. Then, I will use instructional design to finalize the content and its sequence to meet that need. Then, I’ll select the best delivery mechanism from my FlexiBlend repertoire of techniques.

• Facilitation style – I am a trained facilitator – telling, guiding, goading in just the right proportions. I use the world renowned ‘THIAGI’ techniques of interactions, designing something especially for the need.

With me, facilitation is an evolved art – and science.

In OD & Executive coaching

• OD –Employees are only as efficient as the organization allows them to be. In most cases, dysfunctional behaviour and interdepartmental conflict are due to faulty design.

• Executive Coaching - I can look at your situation much better than you since I am not bound by your self-interests and assumptions. Being an outsider as also a clear thinker, I cut through all that. Deep Knowledge of organisational behaviour, group dynamics and sensing-the-fuzz, also helps.

I work with you rather than for you.

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