HI, I’m Alok Asthana

“Optimization or compromise is a bad strategy. When having to choose between Black and White, don't look for the right shade of Grey. The right answer to any 'X or Y' problem comes only when we stop focussing on the X and Y and shift focus on the 'or' part of the problem definition. Why 'or' and not 'and?"

I disapprove of trade-offs. There is always a way to have your cake and eat it too. Just needs some good thinking.

I truly understand leadership and management. To explain why people and organizations do what they do and how best we can get them to do the right things, I rely on valid theories of Organisational behaviour and Social psychology. I do not subscribe to the case-study approach, which simply looks to justify on basis of selective samples, rather than on basis of objective deep research on group dynamics.

I am trained in various approaches of Creativity & Innovations – lateral thinking ( Edward de bono),Brainstorming, Design Thinking, conventional innovation and above all, TRIZ. TRIZ is the ultimate in innovation – an analogic thinking technique by Heinrich Altschuller- for which I took training at a course conducted by IIT Mumbai in 2002. Since then, I’ve used this repeatedly with technical product companies and also Accenture, Philippines as business coach.

I am trained in Instructional Design and e-learning techniques. I firmly believe that busy adults learn better through virtual learning than fully face-to-face. This is done through the 'flipped class' approach, which is a mix of basic learning and initial clarifications through asynchronous mode (self-paced), and final clarifications with facilitator in asynchronous mode, which too may be virtual (through Zoom like app), or through a physical meet. For more, watch https://youtu.be/jeGyKkLl63s

My synopsis for a Ph D on a new model of Instructional Skills was approved by IGNOU but I could not proceed with it due to some technical reasons.

I firmly believe in customized programs which must ultimately effect a change in behaviour in the learner in his typical work environments. Since I aim to improve behaviour at work, I always study the work environment in which the learner would eventually employ the new skills. This removes and chances of a workshop- workplace gap.

I am also an excellent thinker, able to think imaginatively or logically as the situation demands.

Being a business coach, I read a lot on organisational behavior and current topics of interest to senior leaders. I regularly write in various journals, news portals, Linked In and in my blog. I also use the podcast and videocast route to engage with people. I create my own training videos.
My Youtube channel is -

  • Instructor led, face to face sessions.
  • Instructor led, fully interactive, distance learning (web teaching) sessions.
  • Self paced learning via my learning portal (old Soluto)
  • A mix of all above methods

Some esteemed clients

Innovators & Leaders is proud to have been of use to the following organisations –

  • Consulting/IT – Accenture (Philippines), Datamatics, L&T Infotech, Tata Infotech (now TCS), CGI Information systems, Ness technology, National Productivity Council, Bluestar Infotech, BSES Management
  • Heavy Engineering – TataPower SED ( Strategic Engineering Division ), Crompton Greaves Ltd, National Bearings Corporation, SKF, BlueStar Ltd, Thermax, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Suzlon, General Motors, L&T, ATG Tires - Yokohama Group
  • Chemicals – Asian Paints, United Phosphorus, Huntsman International
  • Pharma – Merck (Mylan) Development Centre, Merck India Ltd, Glenmark pharma.
  • Financial – ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, NCDEX ( National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange ), NCMSL (National Collateral Management Services Limited), Insurance – Oriental insurance (OSTC)
  • Shipping – Mitsui OSK Marine lines, MASSA Academy
  • Misc – MTNL, Business Standard, Bharat Petroleum, Chesterton & Meghraj consultants, Transworks International Call Centre, Population Services India, Hughes Tele ( Tata Indicom)

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