Leadership of OD for Innovations

Effective Leadership for OD – Choosing a stability strategy based on your innovation profile

Do you suspect that the growth of your organization is being hampered by a mismatch between the philosophies (operational and personnel) and the environment it is placed into? Is it that innovation in your organization is being held back by change fatigue? If so, my advice could help you. I’ll tell you here how it …

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Vigilant leadership for creating High Reliability Organizations (HROs)

Vigilant leadership is all about guarding against the expected. That is best done by expecting the unexpected. This trait, and accompanying organisational skills, is very useful for leaders in high positions.   Here are some examples or the unexpected that did happen in recent times – A terrorist managing to kill 49 CRPF personnel, a …

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Leadership is about responsibility

Leadership involves pissing people off. Your responsibility is to the group.

The culture of protecting our subordinates is a good one. However, it can easily be overdone. This point is very effectively made in the movie ‘12 O clock High’ starring Gregory Peck. In that, the de-briefing of an Air Force bombing mission reveals that the Bomber Group had suffered heavy casualties due to technical error …

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Complexity for good leadership & Innovation

Apply Complexity theory to the current issue between India and Pakistan

Let us apply complexity theory, which is the backbone of innovation and leadership, to the current issue of Ind-Pak relations.  As is known,  India and Pakistan are having perpetual problems over Kashmir. Of late, the issue has got exacerbated by an attack on a bus near Pulwama (J&K) carrying paramilitary forces of India, resulting in …

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  We help you run innovation challenge projects for better competitive advantage.   So, what are some examples of such projects? Obviously, the answer depends on how you define innovation and/or competitive advantage.   Does innovation necessarily mean something new? How ‘new’ should it be to be labelled ‘new’? Does it need to be a …

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An example of Open Innovation

  • February 12, 2019
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3-D Matrix, a top biotech firm in Japan,  has a market value of roughly $1 billion. It has the most-traded stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 3-Ds main product is PuraMatrix, a hydrogel made of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) that self-assemble into nanofiber scaffolds in the presence of salt. Shuguang Zhang is the …

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