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What applications and techniques of Creativity do we have in mind

This is an important question. More for its utility, not for its definition. It clarifies in what areas of life would our facilitation be useful and what is the basis of that facilitation. I am a facilitator of creativity in citizens as a life-skill, and for business people as a business-enhancing skill. In both areas, …

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How to improve training effectiveness

Most training programs fails to achieve the desired results. Who is more responsible for this – the training manager or the trainer? I’d say it all depends on how you tasked the trainer. Was he firmly handed over the title and desired deliverables for the training program, or was he informed of your unmet business …

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How to coach or manage behaviour

Here is some guidance to those who coach to change behaviour. Besides coaching, the technique is also useful to managers who find that a particular behaviour of an employee is not acceptable to the organisation and hence action must be taken to counsel him. In such cases, typically the coach/manager tends to seek an explanation …

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Small fire burning prevents larger fires

HR in organisations must learn from gym trainers and surgeons

I have always claimed that leadership trainers who have first-hand experience of leading real teams, offer much better service to clients than the academic ones who become trainers by reading books on leadership. Here I offer one example of that by showing how the popular advice that HR should work to help individual employees is, …

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