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What is possible Versus What is needed

Most of us use the terms research and design, or science and technology, as synonyms. It would be useful to see the connections and also divergence between these.   Science is curiosity driven. The researcher could not be concerned about possible end applications. Kroemer, the Noble prize winner for developing semi-conductor hetrostructures in high speed …

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Special relationship of TRIZ with R&D

TRIZ  has a special relationship with R&D.  All its tools and concepts provide great benefits for R&D, but two of them merit special mention – S Curve and Trends of evolution of technlogy. S curve is not a TRIZ tool, but is leveraged well by TRIZ. Trends of technology is exclusively a TRIZ find.The S …

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The Trinity trigger model of Innovation

Are all innovation scenarios same? Will one model work for all. Surely, no. In one scenario, you have a blank canvas to start with but also a directive to achieve something distinct at the end of the journey.  Typically, this is when you wish to create some product or service for the future which is …

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Existing formats of innovation systems cater for all the needs and preferences that the user can share with you. In addition to hearing directly from users, observation and other ethnography techniques used by trained innovators helps in getting to know facts that the users are not able to articulate themselves. But that still leaves one …

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