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Small fire burning prevents larger fires

HR in organisations must learn from gym trainers and surgeons

I have always claimed that leadership trainers who have first-hand experience of leading real teams, offer much better service to clients than the academic ones who become trainers by reading books on leadership. Here I offer one example of that by showing how the popular advice that HR should work to help individual employees is, …

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In what ways is the TRIZ for business, different from that for technical systems?

In my previous post, I have clarified how TRIZ for business is different from TRIZ for technical systems. Here, I’ll elaborate on  what are the major differences between the two. The major difference is in the Contradiction Matrix (CM). As you know, the CM matrix is a spread sheet which lists out certain features THAT …

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Innovation and organizational performance can be yoked.

Innovation, Improvements and Employee engagement – Options for connecting the performance engine with the innovation engine

First let us be clear about what innovation is. Probably, it would be easier to put down what it is not. Simple improvements and problem solving are NOT innovation. Innovation, the type that really provides a competitive edge, is step-change. It involves doing things that you’ve never done before, or doing them in a manner …

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Leadership of OD for Innovations

Effective Leadership for OD – Choosing a stability strategy based on your innovation profile

Do you suspect that the growth of your organization is being hampered by a mismatch between the philosophies (operational and personnel) and the environment it is placed into? Is it that innovation in your organization is being held back by change fatigue? If so, my advice could help you. I’ll tell you here how it …

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