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The If—-, then—–, but——- design contradiction

  Any situation which can be expressed in a ‘If—, then —–, but—–‘ format, can be solved. It is more of a design contradiction than a problem If I do something, then some good can occur, but some bad occurs too. Some typical examples are given below.   1. While designing a car, I have the technical capability to increase …

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 A robust idea pipeline –  Occasional ideas through enthusiastic workers will not suffice. Launching of idea themes and idea activators are necessary for buzz creation and right focus. Idea submission system – Get one which facilitates  submission at different levels and also collaboration by other. Allow for idea hitch-hiking.  Build and improve participation –  Create role models …

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Existing formats of innovation systems cater for all the needs and preferences that the user can share with you. In addition to hearing directly from users, observation and other ethnography techniques used by trained innovators helps in getting to know facts that the users are not able to articulate themselves. But that still leaves one …

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