1. Open ended questions – An open-ended question is one which requires more than a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
  2. A One Step Probe is a question designed to collect a limited amount of basis information. These question usually begin with who, what when and where.
  3. A Two Step probe -Sometimes, to probe the information further or to build the motivational context around it, the one step probe is followed up by asking why.
  4. Pause/Silence – A pause or silence is an interview technique whereby the interviewer simply pauses or remains silent. After some embarrassing moments, the other party usually offers more information to fill the void.
  5. The echo – The echo is an interview technique in which the interviewer simply repeats or echoes the response of the candidate, in the form of a question.
  6. Comparison and Contrast – With the Comparison / Contrast technique, the interviewer asks the candidate to compare, or contrast, two or more items or events. It is a pretty powerful technique.
  7. The Compliment – A technique of offering praise for some accomplishment made by the candidate, to get him to disclose more.
  8. Seeking Examples – In this, the interviewer asks for examples to support a broad sweeping statement made by he candidate.
  9. Self disclosure – A technique in which the interviewer discloses something of a personal nature, in order to help the candidate feel more comfortable and relaxed about a potentially sensitive topic.
  10. Situational Questions – Situational questions is a behaviour based interview technique whereby –
    1. The interviewer describes a real or hypothetical problem and asks the candidate what he or she would do — OR
    2. Follows up a statement made by the candidate and forces him to place it in perspective by using the behavioral STAR ( Situation, Task, Actions, Results )  technique
      1. The Situation or Task leading to the applicant’s actions.
      2. The specific Actions taken or not taken by the applicant.
      3. The Results or changes caused by these actions.


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