1. General Work Environment   An Example
Pressure of Work Structured but somewhat relaxed setting where there is reasonable time to contemplate decisions. Homework necessary with reasonable intermixing of business and personal time.
Volume of Work
2. Type of Work
Accuracy Work requiring strong mathematical, statistical and computation skills. No challenges in work.
3. Role Analysis Clearly defined/ vague/ to be formulated Role is to be shaped by candidate. Ambiguous and flexible.
4. Decision Making Environment
Freedom Environment provides broad overall guidelines with plenty of opportunity for independent decision making.
5. Resource Allocation process
Inputs from level Prepares and submits own budget. Resources usually scarce. Continual involvement in budget planning process.
6. Basis for internal / ExternalWorking relationships
Politically charged External – Collegial setting with mutual respect between functional areas. Some ‘shared goals’ and some need to compromise specific needs of a single group in interest of overall mission.Internal – Great social interaction. Strong interdependence on others.
Friendly/hard nosed
Personal level
7. Role in strategy formulation Yes/No Not a critical factor.
8. Management philosophy Usually participative, but mildly autocratic at occasions.


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