Are all innovation scenarios same? Will one model work for all. Surely, no.

In one scenario, you have a blank canvas to start with but also a directive to achieve something distinct at the end of the journey.  Typically, this is when you wish to create some product or service for the future which is not a modification of an existing one but a brand new creation. However, the end shape is pre-determined, so you need to start from anywhere but keep narrowing down to the desired destination as you go along.

In another scenario, you necessarily need to start from some existing product or process and improve it or solve some problem in it. In this scenario, you are not starting from a blank canvas. the start point is defined, though the course of the journey thereafter is not.

In yet another scenario, you may start from scratch and are not even restricted in your choice of destinations.  After all, you can’t design a Giraffe by re-modelling a Camel. Pure design thinking, as you do when you set out to choose a business model or create something that may please a certain segment. There is no other restriction.

The triggers are different in each case. If your model of innovation does not suit the starting trigger, you’ll flounder throughout.
There is only one innovation model that accepts all these three triggers – the Trinity Trigger model of Innovation.

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