Existing formats of innovation systems cater for all the needs and preferences that the user can share with you. In addition to hearing directly from users, observation and other ethnography techniques used by trained innovators helps in getting to know facts that the users are not able to articulate themselves. But that still leaves one large gap in putting together critical inputs for successful products.
The present systems are not able to take into account the intangible preferences of the user. It is so because even the user does not know that they exist. However, these are readily available in the form of trends.
Trend-reading is the art and science of collecting, validating and classifying prevalent intangible preferences in any society, market and set of users. Beyond function and value, these intangibles greatly affect the user’s final attitude towards your product.
Not only must trends be taken into account but also the contradiction between the opposing needs of some of those pairs need to be resolved.
TrendSpeak is a revolutionary format for handling an innovation project that combines the existing innovation tools with trend-reading in order to use all available inputs – tangible and intangible. It further uses the contradiction resolution tools of TRIZ and TOC to resolve the conflicts between trends.
Trend related insights are available from two main sources – TrenDNA cards and TrendPages for Trendwatching.com
The video below shows examples using TrenDNA cards. TrendPage triggers can also be used, in addition to TrenDNA or as their replacement. Both systems have their own strengths.
Triggers of TrendPages are also very suitable for a customized arrangement in which we send livewire monthly triggers for your innovation and marketing teams to crunch upon.
Some details of TrendPages can be seen here ( video to be developed by tomorrow )
The core format – TrendSpeak
The format combines the old tools with the new and opportunity seeking with problem solving
( You may change the diagram below to some other way of representing the same information )
The TrendSpeak format is the core that forms the structure for the other two formats too – TRIZSpeak and BMSpeak. The triggers used in different cases, though, are different.
The video below covers the main aspects of the format, without getting into details two other essentials –
ü  Supportive offline activities for insight gathering i.e. observation, interviews and other ethnographic acts.
ü  The last critical phase of an innovation project i.e getting validation through prototyping.
See a detailed  TrendSpeak video here ( link to the 9 minute video )

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