I am occasionally struck by the dilemma – why do most organizational efforts fail. Then I saw why they did – primarily a failure of culture. Irrespective of which type of effort it was or what was the type of organization, failure of projects was mainly due to the wrong culture.

Being an innovation person, I am more interested in why innovation efforts fail. Again, I see that they do due to improper culture.

We know that the phenomenal success of Apple is not so much due to the skills of their employees as it is due to their culture. Similarly, the phenomenal failure of Lehman was not so much due to any lack of skills. It was due to improper culture.

How do we establish culture in an organisation? Irrespective of what type of culture we are aiming at – entrepreneurial, nationalistic, altruistic – there must be a design for some process to do so. What could be a possible design for it?

And if it were to be the culture for innovation, what all do we need to know about innovation to successfully establish a culture that supports the change?

Further, what all do we need to know about organizational behaviour to make the change succeed?

To get an answer for all these question, look up the video

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