JOB TITLE  – Branch Manager
Main purpose of the job

  • To plan organize and control the resources and activities of the branch so as to provide the required levels of service to our customers and to, at least, meet budgeted revenue, productivity and expenditure targets.
  • To expand branch activities in existing and developing products profitably.


  1. Position in the organization

(a) Directly responsible to General Manager.
(b) Functional links with Branch Management Team.
(c) Directly manages:

  • Assistant Branch Manager
  • Operations Controller
  • Senior Traffic Clerk


  1. Scope of the job

Responsibility for staff numbers, fleet and property, resources as budgeted and altered with operational requirements.

  1. Limits of authority

(a) Expenditure: May spend up to Rs 5000/- for any one contingency.
(b) Operations: Required to optimize branch operational plan, constantly updating and improving collection and delivery rounds.
(c) Staff: Recruit within budgeted establishment, unless otherwise directed. Undertake disciplinary enquiries and award punishments within the Disciplinary Policy and procedure.

  1. Key tasks

(a) Staff management: To manage total workforce employed at the branch through supervisory team so as to enable each individual to achieve his or her performance target. To hold regular meetings with all persons employed as Supervisors and Foremen, in order to maintain effective communications within the branch.
(b) Budgets and Management Control: To prepare the Branch budget and forward plans in connection with advice from We-haul Group General Manager and to monitor and control actual performance.
(c) Operations: To cost effectively operate, where appropriate, trunk, handling, collection and delivery, warehousing and other services within the overall framework of satisfying the needs of his or her own customers and the Company’s service objectives.
(d) Administration: To administer, safeguard and control the cash and other assets at the branch, safeguard customers’ goods, in accordance with Company procedures. so as to satisfy all audit requirements and customers’ enquiries and claims.
(e) Marketing: To maintain existing traffic levels and seek new and profitable business, so as at least to meet budgeted revenue value and expenditure targets.
(f) Legislations: To ensure that he provision of the Heath and Safety at Work Act, Construction end Use Regulations, Traffic Acts, etc. are observed within the branch and on the highway.
(g) Communications: To ensure that all key staff are kept well informed on matters which vitally concern and affect them. This provision applies equally to information flowing up to the General Manager and his her staff, as to the provision and interpretation of information to her/his own subordinates.
(h) Business Development: To seek out and exploit new opportunities for profitable development of the branch, including diversification into areas of potential growth, e.g. engineering services, express services, contract hire, etc.
Standards by which performance will be measured, will include:

  1. a) Performance against budget and previous experience (in order to ensure continuous achievement of improving results) on revenue, volumes, productivity and expenditure levels.
  2. b) Company service objectives as regularly refined and updated regarding 24 Hour Express, Network and Mail Order traffic.
  3. c) Maintain an effective after sales service to ensure existing revenue is fully protected, enquiries are dealt with within the specified time scale and non-traced enquiries are thoroughly investigated prior to payment of claims.
  4. d) Develop an effective Management and Supervisory team with a highly results-orientated framework.
  5. e) Maintain good industrial relations through effective use of the consultative machinery for maximum harmony and efficiency in the work force.


(An interpretation of the job description in terms of the person suitable for the job.)
Physical characteristics
Good health record.
No significant disabilities in voice, hearing and eyesight.
Tidy, conventional dress.
Well turned out and takes trouble with details of personal appearance.
Either Education and/or professional qualifications not lower than degree standard; evidence of occupational success in previous employment; distribution management experience — minimum of five years after three to four years other business experience (not specific). Minimum age 30 years.
Or at least five years supervisory and management experience in the freight transport industry. Minimum age 30 years.
Plus – in either case an understanding of scheduling work, programming, quality control and current legislation and experience of negotiating with trade unions at plant level.
A recognized qualification in business management.
Demonstrates an intelligent approach to business problem Solving
Oral and written fluency.
Analytical skills.
Ability to prepare and understand basic statistical information.
Arithmetical competence.
Ability to read balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, and understand their significance.
High degree of listening skill.
Evidence of ability to plan ahead and organize the work of others within a general policy framework.
Skills of conciliation.
Nothing specific.
Acceptability to other people and previous occupational evidence of influencing others. Able to accept responsibility without undue strain. Generally constructive in relationships with others.
Aggressive and impatient.
Ambitious — evidence of fairly rapid promotion and the achievement of high but realistic goals.
Ability to work long and unusual hours if required and willingness to work at weekends when necessary.

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