Individual life coaching empowers citizens in their private lives. From solving specific problems, to empowering with generic skills for a happy and productive life, it is a vast continuum. You may choose how deep and wide you wish to go - from one session to an arrangement of weekly coaching on multiple topics

A coach well versed with  psychology and good facilitation skills, can help you with just about any need you may have for a more fulfilled life.

Specific Problem Solving

A coach can help you solve almost any problem you may be facing by several stratagems. Most of all, he can help change your mindset and get you to yourself see a much wider range of options. In absence of specialised help of a good problem-solving coach, you may just keep knocking on the wall, while an opening is available just a short distance away.

Some general Life-empowering skills

  • Time management
  • Mindset management
  • Problem solving
  • Negotiation
  • Decision making - Decision making under certainty, decision making under uncertainty, risk and probability
  • Critical, error-free, good thinking
  • Practical logic, typical biases of thinking.
  • Understanding complexity and randomness- the stuff this world is made up of
  • Communication - written English ( for beginners, for long-winded writer) , getting your message across in social settings.
  • Interviewing -  learn how to get the person who'll actually meet your needs.

Creativity & Innovation

Simply put, creativity is the skill to consciously generate several high-quality options in any situation.

Innovation is the successful implementation of an effective idea. So, if creativity is the million dollar idea in the head, innovation is the million dollars in the bank. 'Dollars' means something you crave for, not necessarily money.

Creativity as well as innovation are both learnable skills. Since we use a technique drive approach, both can be taught methodically, step by step.

Both skills can be applied to anything i.e. a product/process, response to problems or other situation in life. The methodology remains the same.

These skills can be used reactively to overcome the defects of any situation, or proactively for new opportunities. Using this approach, you can improve anything in 5 ways in 5 sessions - even if it presently not having any issues.

One excellent application is to remove 'contradictions'. Contradictions are when we want something (for its benefits) and also not want it (for its negatives). In such cases, we tend to compromise and trade off or optimise. However, if we solve the contradiction ( through a technique of a discipline of innovation called TRIZ), we can have the best of both worlds.

Happiness and Wellness

This is the holy grail. Everything we do is invariably aimed to increase our happiness and sense of wellness. So, why not approach the subject directly? Yes, it can be done - and fairly easily.

A purely scientific approach - no religion, no mumbo-jumbo, no nonsense. Only internationally valid techniques and processes of psychology and wellness.

Life should be full of joy, not just disease-free.


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