A Business Coach giving training to employees

TRIZ TrendSpeak Innovation – A structured approach to improve anything, product or process,
using the power of TRIZ, generational types of user and global trends. This is the ‘Voice of the
product/process approach’.

  • Integration of TRIZ, Trends and Generational types.
  • Covers all angles of innovation.
  • 6 stages, leading to clues, further to solutions
  • Tactical as well as strategic

TRIZ Training – TRIZ is a specific discipline of innovation aiming to bring in deep improvements
in technical domain (products) and the managerial one (processes). It spans the complete range
from simple problem solving, through opportunity spotting to pure innovation

  • Basic thinking tools common for all domains – technical, IT & managerial.
  • The tools comprise of analytical ones that generate areas of potential improvement and Solution tools for them.
  • Specific application of the basic tools in domains of organization - manufacturing technology, IT or managerial needs.

TRIZ Business Matrix 3.0 - Solving management, people and process contradiction using
just one tool of TRIZ- Contradiction resolution. This uses the latest contradiction matrix
by Darell Mann, the TRIZ guru.

  • Dynamics of discontinuous change.
  • Complex systems and root contradictions.
  • Cobra + Process.
  • Using Business Matrix 3.0

TRIZ without TRIZ -The nomenclature TRIZ unnecessarily intimidates some. The system is so logical and common-sense that it is possible to make the best of it, without use of any of the matrices of TRIZ.

  • Hitch your wagon to a start.
  • Same function by other means.
  • Why we do what we do.
  • Who else has done this? Biomimcry.

Would you like me to be your personalized business coach? Look around the world of athletics and sports and you'll find that it is actually top performers who use coaches and not street players. Where ever you be in the world and whatever your need be, I'll choose the right medium to connect with you and provide you sane advice and support in the most professional way.

I agree that I am distanced from your job. That is my strength, not weakness. You are in the box, I am out of it. Also, I am an excellent thinker. My ability to find solutions to diverse issues or opportunities in a loosely defined space, is unparalleled. Try it.

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