A man wearing coat giving leadership skills training to employees


Leadership coaching is special courses provided for leaders to present a more fruitful and healthy environment in the organisation. Thus, the improvement in the leader's performance automatically benefits the organisation.

Daily Leadership - This is what your people do on a day to day basis. Leadership coaching includes views on how you lead your team daily, partner with your stakeholders and your ability to add value at the enterprise level. Empower your
managers and leaders in these skills. Step by step ‘How to’ techniques as in my book –
‘Leadership for Colonels and business Managers.’

  • One-to-one Interaction skills – Social psychology.
  • One-to-many Interaction skills – Group dynamics.
  • Organisational Development skills.
  • Cognitive skills – Decision Making.

Dealing with Uncertainty and Complexity – Uncertainty is the only certainty in dynamic and competitive scenarios. However, it is not as dense as is initially perceived.

  • Complex scenarios – how to handle them.
  • Measures to reduce the impact of uncertainty.
  • Developing HROs (Highly Reliable Organisations).
  • Game theory for Decision Making in uncertainty.

Strategic Thinking - Is your organization looking for a strategic course-correction? We
could initiate it through a 2-3 day deep session with the top management –

  • Business Model – What game are you in? Who are you, true competitors? How can you leverage your strengths better?
  • Strategic IQ to outthink and outmanoeuvre the competition.
  • Surviving with limited information.
  • 5 Game theory strategies for decision making under uncertainty.

Getting Timely Warning Signals - Systems that focus on the job at hand naturally
weaken the emerging signals of opportunities and threats arising at the periphery. But
this can be corrected by installing this system of Peripheral Vision. Detect the weak
signals that will make or break your company

  • Scoping – Where to look.
  • Scanning – How to look.
  • Probing – How to explore more closely.
  • Acting – What to do with these insights.
  • Organising – How to develop vigilance.

Mental Models – Empower your top management to tap into the power of mental models.
Invaluable if the organisation is stalling in any way that is difficult to explain

  • Recognise the power and limits of mental models.
  • How to keep your models relevant.
  • Transform your world.
  • Act quickly and decisively.

Process-based Management – Process based is always better than results based. So,
what is the common process of thinking by your managers? You can standardize it in 4
typical patterns-

  • What’s going on here?
  • Why did this happen?
  • Which course of action should we take?
  • What hereafter?

Negotiation Skills -All leadership is about negotiating - with customers, superiors, peers and subordinates. Empower your leaders with skills to get the best out of every situation by good negotiation skills typical patterns-

  • Negotiating tools.
  • Negotiating tactics.
  • Full program as role-play & Exercise.

Leadership as Psychological Science - The core technology of leadership coaching is advice giving - but such that people take it! Not easy, but can be done. Rather than being manipulative, managers have to learn to 'crack the code' with other people. The path-breaking technique of leadership-

  • Understand why a person does what he does.
  • The alignment model of empowerment.
  • Matching the advice to the person.
  • Breakthrough learning of behaviour.