An image showing organisational development of an organisation


Organisational development is a structure which focuses on the growth of the company but at the same time keeps the employees motivated by being sensitive to their needs. Change needs to be implemented for the development of the organisation, considering all the aspects of the company's proper functioning.


Empower your L&D  – Learning & Development is a specialist function, impacting almost all of
the organisational development. Sometimes you may not have fully trained staff for it. Leadership coaching can be useful here. Use our services –

  • Training Need Analysis and recommended course structure.
  • Integrating course with pre and post-course activities.
  • Providing own Virtual learning tool to make your course available to all at all times.
  • Other measures to reduce the workshop and workplace gap.

Sense-Making – Before taking up any major changes in policy, it is necessary to make
sense of the fuzz around you. Without that, you could be shooting in the wrong
direction. Perce the haze of uncertainty through tools of sense-making.

  • Qualitative as well as quantitative approach.
  • Carried out by interpreting the existing stories on social media or by generating new ones.
  • Signification is done by story narrator, not the facilitator.
  • Tools and software used globally by Fortune 500 companies.

Culture Management – Culture affects individual behaviour and organisational growth more
than any other single factor. Culture must be aligned with the stated vision and mission. We can

  • Defining culture in terms of stated vision and mission.
  • Converting the desired culture in terms of Values, Behaviours & Systems.
  • Initiate process to take stock of ‘As is’ position.
  • Action plan for ‘As should be’ position.

Systemic Change with Conflict Resolution – Top management is all about recognising the need
for and implementing change. Empower your top team to recognise the need and then lead it.

  • How to draw up the current reality.
  • How to draw up future reality.
  • Resolving the conflicts and drawing a transition plan.
  • Managing group dynamics.

Organic Growth Innovation System – Growth is best only when it is organic. We can set up
systems for our organisational development which take you from employee engagement, through the problem
solving to final innovation.

  • Basic Suggestion Box scheme.
  • Advanced Suggestion Box scheme.
  • Basic Innovation Scheme.
  • Advanced Innovation Scheme.

Happiness Skills – Why happiness? Well, why not. Everything the employee does is to increase
happiness. Happiness and Wellness result in employees that deliver the most. Why not
empower them with this mother of all skills.

  • Totally scientific and globally validated.
  • Technique based.
  • All stages from de-stressing to contentment.
  • Free of religious of other technical jargon.

Process-based Interviewing -It is possible to put up a system in organisations where all interviews are carried out as a fixed process, with a lot of activities automated. Saves a lot of efforts and builds the validity of a system.

  • What to look for - converting requirements into behaviours.
  • How to look for it - Strategizing the interview time.
  • What to do with interview data.
  • 50% work-flow automated.

Organizational development through developing a culture of innovation (or anything else)