TRIZ  has a special relationship with R&D.  All its tools and concepts provide great benefits for R&D, but two of them merit special mention – S Curve and Trends of evolution of technlogy. S curve is not a TRIZ tool, but is leveraged well by TRIZ. Trends of technology is exclusively a TRIZ find.The S curve simply stresses the point that almost anything ( technology, product ) moves across the time span in a non-liner manner. Initially, there is hardly any development across time and effort. Suddenly, everything starts falling in place. Beyond a point, the benefits/development start petering out.
The Infancy period is a necessary evil which has to be endured. The development in this stage is mostly done in universities by individual researchers, rather then technologists in the corporate sector. At this stage is more a question of science (what is possible), rather then technology (what is needed). The efforts will more be curiosity driven than practicality driven.

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