In how many ways can you improve a nut-cracker? Of course, you can change its shape, make it more efficient, make it multi-functional and more. But how about tinkering with it using the FBS approach? That’s the way to create a new nut cracker which no one else can.
FBS is the Function, behaviour, Structures approach to R&D and inventing. Function ( F ) of a technical system is the very purpose/motivation of a system i.e. what is it for?  The F of a razor is to cut hair. Behaviours (B) is what it does. The F of a razor  is accomplished by many Bs i.e. hair extraction, hair breaking, hair killing, hair growth inhibiting.   A PE ( physical Effect ) is an intermediate level between F and B, governing the transition. Structure ( S ) is  what it is.
An FBS diagram for a nut cracker might look like this –
Nut cracker
The F, B, PE, S diagnosis opens up the way to improve the product in many ways or invent a new one altogether to meet the desired function . All this information ( F, B, PE, S ), relating to our specific need, is available somewhere on the internet or in scientific databases.  But how do you find what you want?
One critical question for R&D is – what Information Retrieval ( IR ) system does it have to search the several sources of technical information e.g. patent databases, scientific literature, physical effects libraries to help you use the FBS system to its full potential. The system should be quick, should allow statistical and technological trend analysis, map similar technological scenarios and such similar features.
Such a search has only recently become possible. Let us help you with your needs.

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